James Scott Crystal Whiskey Set- 5 Peice
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Inspired by age old aristocracy, James Scott crystal mirrors quality and craftsmanship of bygone days. Designed by deft artisans and handcrafted by skilled crystal and glass blowers, this decanter set is truly worthy of becoming a cherished family heirloom.

Any host that takes their bartending job seriously is sure to appreciate this whiskey set that makes the job of presenting spirits with style a little easier. The timeless look ensures it's perfect for any occasion.

Crystal by its very nature, requires delicate handling. With just a little tender loving care, you will ensure the beauty of your crystal for many lifetimes. Wash one piece at a time by hand using warm soapy water and hand dry with a soft cloth.
Set Includes: Decanter and 4 DOF glasses

James Scott Crystal Whiskey Set- 5 Peice

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