6 in 1 Cake Plate
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Treat yourself with this spectacular all purpose 6 in 1 cake plate. It's a versatile platter, chip and dip server, punch bowl, cake and pie dome, salad bowl, and much more! This cake plate will definitely come to good use!

* The dome is made from a thicker glass so can easily be used as a punch or salad bowl with tray underneath.
* When you turn the bottom cake plate upside down, it becomes a four-compartment tray for veggies, fruits, appetizers and more.
* The foot of the bowl holds the dips and sauces that compliment the finger foods in the tray. 
* A simple pie or cake plate. 
* It saves space. One box to store.
* It measures approximately 8" 1/2 H x 12" in diameter, when assembled as a footed cake dome.
* Inside dimensions for the cake dome: 10"D x 4"H

6 in 1 Cake Plate

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